About my Reviews

If you have not seen any of these movies, I warn you ahead of time that my reviews are loaded with spoilers. I know some people want to be suprised and so they get very upset if someone blurts out too much before they get a chance to see it for themselves.

I divided most of the reviews into three sections. The first section on each page are my attempts at a synopsis. Again, they are detailed and have spoilers. The second part has information about the music that is used in each movie. I use the term "fictional opera" a lot, a new term I learned thanks to Wikipedia. All that means is that the music/opera exists only within context of that particular movie. You cannot go and find a complete recording of it, nor buy tickets to see it at any opera company. The best example, of course, would be Don Juan Triumphant by the Phantom. The 1943 movie is another example. It is loaded with fictional opera. There is no Amour et Gloire any more than there is a Christine Dubois. In the case of a real opera, you can find these. A perfect example, of course, is the opera Faust by Gonoud. Arias from Faust are used in a lot of these movies and there really existed a Charles Gounod, who composed Faust. The third part consists of my own musings, commentary, insight, etc.

Some of the movie reviews have one or more additional pages for some historical insight, libretto translations, or other observations that I thought deserve a bit of attention. You can see the links at the bottom of the page, right up above the links to the other movie reviews. I hope you enjoy them.

I am not totally satisfied with how I wrote some of the reviews, including the 1925 silent film, but am currently at a loss as to what to do about it. My mind is drawing a blank. Pardon also the delay on getting the 2004 movie review written. I have seen it multiple times but I am working on it still. Maybe I am just in a perfectionist's trap. I am trying to get it all polished and "perfect." Eh, well.

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