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Rumor has it there are about eight, maybe nine phantom musicals in existence. So far, I have seen only three. The first was the musical by Ken Hill. The second was the musical by Yeston and Kopit. Then I saw the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I have seen that one twice. I have seen four if you count the one starring David Staller, but since that one I saw on video, I placed my review in the movies section. I have only the CD recording of the musical by Theatreworks and placed that review in the section for children's adaptations.

While I enjoy movies, there is an energy in watching live shows that I cannot define. The experience is very different. Nowhere did I feel it more blatantly than in 2001, when I watched Sarah Brightman's "La Luna" on public television first, then a few weeks later at TD Waterhouse. Even in "the cheap seat" on the dead last row, the experience is remarkable! For some readers who might be thinking "Sarah Who?", she originated the role of Christine Daaé in Andrew Lloyd Webber's international hit musical. But I digress...

So far, I have the cast, song list, and brief reviews of each show I have seen. I'd love to elaborate more on the review, time permitting. My reviews are in chronological order, starting with the first Phantom musical I saw almost 20 years ago.

Musical Comedy by Ken Hill (1990)

American Musical by Yeston and Kopit (2000)

Worldwide Hit by Andrew Lloyd Webber (2001)

Worldwide Hit by Webber, Part Deux (2004)

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