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Pot Shots by Alikhat
First, a few pieces by Alikhat, inspired by the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Click on thumbnails to see larger images. I'm not into Raoul-bashing and I like Sarah Brightman, but I still find these funny. If, however, you are feeling sensitive and love either one of them a bit too much, you may want to move on.

Pot Shot 1

Pot Shot 2

Pot Shot 3

Humeur Fantôme par FdeLO
FdeLO and I had a wonderful cyber-friendship years ago but real life kept pulling us to separate paths. It has been a few years since I've been able to contact her. I loved the way she could almost instantly sketch Erik in whatever way I asked, no matter how goofy. She always found the time, no matter how busy she was with her own Phantom graphic novel in the works. We had a lot of fun in those days and I miss her a lot. Anyways, here are some of her funny drawings, some had been requested by me for other plans and some she just drew for own amusement.

Farmer Erik

The Avengers

Erik Burton

Three Wizards

Spaghetti Western


...into a Tree!

Superbowl Superphantom

Other Miscellaneous
The first one below is a bumper sticker I designed back in 2000 during that controversy over George Bush, Jr's first election victory over Al Gore, Jr. The second one is a drawing of a phantom hot dog that was posted on a message board years ago by "Crysania." The third one is a photo taken by "Chibbs" of her Lon Chaney Phantom action figure, inspired by a scene in the Charles Dance movie in which Erik is powdering his face in front of a dressing room mirror.

Phantom Bumper Sticker

Phantom Hot Dog

Spare Time

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